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"I just had to give Jim credit for making a great press/draw board. I got my B.T.M. yesterday and set it up today. Wow! This thing is so easy to use. It's must have for working on your own equipment. Thanks Jim for great product!" -LvToHunt

"It's a very effective, simple and fast system."
"I absolutely love the Bow Time Machine!! It will always be my go to press!! Jim makes the fastest and the best!" -whack n' stack

"Best investment I have put into my Business!" -RichJ

"Received my press today. Impressed by the communication and quick shipping (ordered on 25th, shipped within an hour or so, and arrived on 27th!). I haven't set it up yet but, I have to admit it is much more heavy duty than I expected and love the silver powder coat finish. Fingers look very good too. Very professional looking press...Thanks Jim!" -SouthernStyle

"Just got it today and want to thank Jim. This is a well built unit definitely a KISS machine. Great product and worth every dollar. I beleive there is no other machine on the market that can touch it along with the bonus of cost." -sparky357

I press my Eclipse with the drawstops in, the machine presses it like a dream." -devin1

"I've used many of the bow presses on the market... including the portable presses and this is the best one on the market (especially for the price). I have no ties or affiliation whatsoever with The Bow Time Machine or Jim Lutz, except I just purchased this bow press last week and I'm very happy with it's performance and ease of use. Very intuitive press to use. Presses quickly and within seconds you can time your bow or do routine maintenance without needing a bow vise.
Customer service: When the bow press arrived, one end of the box was crushed. I openned the box and noticed that the upper arm was bent. The metal is solid and can only be bent if dropped from an elevated position. Obviously damaged during shipping, I called Jim and let him know the news. He made it real simple and asked me to send the damaged upper arm and he would ship out a new one that very day (priority). When Jim discovered the amount that it cost to ship the upper arm ($36) he told me to forget about sending the upper arm. 3 days later I've got my upper arm and ready to go. This was great CS and he truely is a super nice guy.
Prior to buying the press, Jim spent about 30 min on the phone with me answering my questions and educating me on his press and evolution of his design.
To sum up my experience I would say that this is an amazing press that will save me time (and money) and will allow me to fine tune my bow to fit me. It's portable and there are other attachements that can be purchased for mounting purposes. And with the customer service Jim provides, you just can't go wrong with this press." -d ninja

"You can't beat the usefulness of this thing, Thanks Jim!!!" -StoneyN

"Got mine as well,very simple to use!"
"I had never used a press in my life, the BTM is very easy to use,I love it!" -Monkeybutt2000

"It's not just a press. the things you can do with this are endless. Want 80% let off? winch it up with the scales on and when the holding weight is 20% set your stops. Want to time a fallaway rest? crank it up to where you want the rest to rise during the draw cycle and tie it in. It really is awesome. The press part is a VERY small part of it to me."
"They are slicker than hog snot on a glass doorknob!" -P&y only

"I've had my Time Machine for 6 months and use it tons. Best Money I could've spent" -FUDS

"Jim is a fast shipper. You will be very pleased with your purchase." -Hammer0419   

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