1. Lower the upper press arm all the way down.
  2. Attach your draw bar to the upper quick time bar and let hang freely.
  3. Holding the bow with the string facing up, place the grip under the rubber coated lower quick time bar and slide the hook under your string, this will hold the bow in place – hands free.
  4. If you are going to hook the draw bar to your string loop you MUST use the paracord safety strap!  Hang the top loop of the paracord safety strap onto the top quick time bar.  Pull the bottom loop of the paracord strap under the string and then hang this end back onto the same top quick time bar.
  5. Flip the safety block up and crank the press arm up and begin timing your cams. Be careful not to crank too far at the end of the draw cycle. 

    How do I remove my bow from the drawboard? Click here.

Drawing the Bow

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