Machine Assembly Instructions

1.  Carefully remove all packaging materials. *Upper arm of machine will be greased, rubber gloves are suggested.
2.  Remove hex bolt on front of machine.
3.  Feed greased upper arm into lower body of machine by slowly cranking the handle counterclockwise. *The long arms and gear rack should be facing forward. 
4.  Re-install the front hex bolt. *This is your safety stop so you can't overextend the machine.
5.  Install lower bracket to mounting plate. *Knobs facing up.
6.  Insert limb boots into upper and lower brackets and install adjustment knobs.
7.  Slide quick time bars into the square tubing on top of the upper and lower brackets. Rubber coated bar goes into the lower tube. Insert cotter pins into rear hole of quick time bars. *Make sure you have the extra rubber tubing on the bottom quick time bar.
8.  Remove mounting bracket from bottom of machine. Bolt mounting bracket to your bench or stand of choice.
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