1. Flip the safety block up and crank the press open larger than your bow.
  2. Adjust your limb boots to the proper width so they meet the limb tips evenly.
  3. Set bottom limb tips  into the bottom limb boots, flip the safety block into neutral and lower the top limb boots down to the top limb tips, the weight of the press will hold the bow in place.
  4. Check limb boots for proper width on top and bottom. Make final limb boot width adjustments.
  5. Use your left index finger to hold the safety block down with slight pressure into the gears and crank the press down. Keep the pressure on the safety block while cranking down. It will only take a couple clicks to press the bow.
  6. When you reach the desired amount of press, you can let go and work on your bow.
    How do I remove my bow from the press? Click here.

Pressing a Bow

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